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RTR Upgrade
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3/4 front view

Improved Mohair Surrey top kit with TR250, 5 and TR6 soft-top style header rail supplied to special order to customers specific colour requirements.

This kit offers a significant improvement to the front attachment of a surrey top cover to the windscreen frame of TR4-5 and TR6 where these cars have been converted to incorporate a backlight frame. The kit is suitable for TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR5 and TR6.
The original arrangement was crude insofar as the front of the surrey top was simply tucked under the specially extended aluminium screen capping and was expected to stay there by magic. For the most part the magic worked but high speed driving would always leave the driver wondering at what point the canopy would part company. This new surrey top kit incorporates a fixed header rail just like a TR5-6 soft top which is secured to the windscreen frame with substantial catches which will not come undone.
An added advantage is that the complete surrey roof is much easier and quicker to fit, a significant bonus when that rain shower arrives unexpectedly. The kit is available in black or white Everflex, coloured Everflex and mohair both black and colours. Please enquire for price and availability of special requirements although we do list RTR6139SPK and RTR6139MSPK which will give an idea of the modest additional cost to make the cover in a special colour.
Kits RTR6139BK, RTR6139WK, RTR6139SPK, RTR6139MBK and RTR6139MSPK contain all the necessary components to fit the kit to TR250, 5 and 6 which have had a soft top fitted and therefore have the hood catches already in place on the top of the windscreen ready to accept our new style surrey top arrangement.
When converting a TR250 or TR5 from an existing Surrey top canopy to our new kit, extra catches and a new windscreen frame capping are required. Order kit no. RTR6153BK.
TR4-4A owners who intend to use this kit will need a catch adaptor kit and a new windscreen frame capping. Order kit no. RTR6153AK. It should also be borne in mind that a small modification is needed to the top of the windscreen frame to accommodate the TR6 type windscreen capping and special catch plates. This is explained in more detail under part number RTR6153AK and fully explained in the fitting instructions supplied with all RTR6139 series kits.
Kit RTR6153CK is a further additional kit which might be required. It provides extra-long bolts to attach the rear of the Surrey Top and the hard top (as well as Allen keys to tighten them) to the backlight frame ONLY when our fibreglass backlight frame with Roll Over Bar in the RTR7122 series is in use.

Revington TR can supply a stowage bag with a Velcro flap that will keep the surrey top clean and tidy. Order RTR6176B, which is a black bag. See below. Other colours are available to special order.

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