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RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%

Kit comprising alternator RTR8124 very high power alternator (55 amp), plug kit and fitting instructions for use when your TR is all tooled up with accessories! Including all fittings required.

TR5-6 and Rover V8. This should be considered if you have a Bosch Pump (TR5-6) and electric engine fan. A 60 amp Ammeter should be used, order RTR8169. You may need an auxilliary fuse box when extra lights, electric cooling fan and other accessories are used, part no RTR8270K is recommended, please see below. Fits Rover V8 with the alternator on the RHS of the engine and with a bottom adjuster. See RTR8503K for top adjuster version. See information sheet IS0032 for clarification. TR5- early 6 should use a 60 amp ammeter use RTR8512BFCR
Various alternators can be used on TR250, TR5 and TR6 depending on the current requirements of your car. With the exception of 213051EX all are interchangeable. See below
213051EX : 15AC type 28amp. Fitted to TR250 and TR5 this alternator uses a separate regulator
GXE2337 : 15/16ACR type 28amp. Fitted to early TR6. Comes with an internal regulator
GXE2211 : 17ACR type 37amp. Fitted to later TR6. Comes with an internal regulator
GEU2206 : 18ACR type 45amp. Not an original TR fitment. Comes with an internal regulator
RTR8124K : 65amp. Not an original TR fitment. Comes with an internal regulator

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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