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RTR Upgrade
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Original PIAA lamp, prism cut glass 5mm thick H4 80/80w bulb. 190mm overall diameter 135mm deep.

PR 80 professional series driving lamp.This exceptional lamp is the original PIAA lamp first introduced in 1963, featuring prism cut glass 5mm thick. H4 80/80w bulb fitted (road legal) which actually puts out light equivalent to 135/135W. This is a dipping lamp, so can be wired in permanently to the main lamps so as to dip with main lamps. The reflector is Teflon coated to enhance longevity and comes mounted in a spun steel shell. Dimensions: 190mm overall diameter 135mm deep. One lamp only.
This lamp at 135mm deep, when fitted to TR4-6 with our rally mounting bar RTR8126K it will require spacing forward to allow the bonnet to open. We have developed a special bar to allow for this. Order RTR8126XK.
Features are:

H4 80/80W bulb fitted (road legal)
Dipping Lamp
Teflon Coated Reflector
80 degree, 5mm thick tempered glass lens
Chrome Shell
Lamp cover included
190mm overall diameter 135mm deep

One Lamp Only

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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