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RevingtonTR recommend SuperPro Suspension bushes.These are available for all cars new and old and are generally accepted as the world leaders in the design and manufacture of this type of product.


Neil Revington has been associated with the TR Register, the biggest worldwide club catering for Triumph TR's, since its inception in January 1970. Over the years Neil's involvement in the club has included technical illustrator, committee member, he was also responsible with his wife Sue for the formation of the Somerset Group of the TR Register, known as the Apple County Group. Over the years many friends have been made and we would recommend the club to anyone with an interest in TR's - whether owning a TR or not.

The TR Register, Revington TR sprint and Hillclimb Championship is open to all members of the TR Register, and as there are no separate classes, we welcome members of other Triumph clubs running Spitfires, GT6, Herald, Dolomite, 2.5 saloons, in fact any car with 4 wheels of Triumph origin.

Triumph Sports Six Club. The Triumph Sports Six Club is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, with the primary aims including the promotion, preservation and restoration of Standard Triumph vehicles. Vehicles include: Herald - Spitfire - Vitesse - GT6 - Bond Equipe - Specials - TR - Stag - 2000/2500/2.5 - Dolomite - Acclaim