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Revington TR3BETA

Revington TR3BETA

The Beta was a Triumph prototype of which only two were made. Revington TR are able to recreate this beautiful still born car having invested in the tooling to make the outer body panels that make this car unique. 

We offer parts to make a Beta as Triumph did based on a standard TR4 Chassis as well our BetaS6 derivative which utilises the vastly more powerful TR5-6 fuel injected 6 cylinder engine.

This information sheet gives an over view of what we can offer.

The picture shows the race version which Neil Revington uses, however we can create these cars in a more 'road going' fashion too. 


 We can provide the whole range of panels required to produce a BETA recreation. The range is listed HERE

What is involved in making a Triumph Beta replica

As described in the information sheet the Beta is essentially a TR3A with some alterations so the best place to start is with a TR2-3A car.

The main standard TR parts that are then needed are: -

TR4 Chassis

TR 4 Axle

steering rack, shaft and outer column from a TR4-6

The body is a direct fit onto an early TR4 chassis, later chassis need the outriggers shortening, not a complicated operation.  

Once the body panels have been purchase and the body placed on the TR4 chassis, the outer panels are fitted and the doors/sills modified to complete the transformation.  

There are other consideration like the use of a Beta grill or a standard TR3A type and bumpers but these are a matter of personal choice.


Revington TR are here to help throughout the process and can of course undertake the work in our workshops if you wish.