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Revington TR's new TRS

Revington TR's new TRS

evingtonTR produce all aluminium TRS body shells and complete TRS cars mounted on an all new extended TR4 type chassis to the original TRS specification. The original four TRS cars raced at leMans in 1960/61 in fibreglass form, this being the material Triumph chose at the time from which to create the 4 cars based on the Zoom project designed by Giovanni Michelotti, created in the metal by Vignale in Turin.


Original Zoom prototype

This stunning car is offered by RevingtonTR in aluminium crafted to a high standard in England. The body shell in aluminium is created using  a complete wooded buck created by an ex-Aston Martin employee who had been responsible for building the bucks that produced many classic Aston Martins. 

Buck on which the bodies are made

The Revington TRS was shown for the first time at the TR Register International Show 2003 and met with considerable interest. The first car subsequently raced at leMans classis in 2008 ,2012 and 2014.


Aluminium TRS or Zoom body

The shells are manufactured on specially made wooden jigs (known as bucks) expertly produced by and ex Aston Martin tool maker, which enables RevingtonTR to manufacture aluminium shells to order. The shell is complete with all inner and outer panels, no donor TR shell is required.
Like the Italia, which is also available with an aluminium body from RevingtonTR, the TRS is intended to be purchased as a complete car however, for those wishing to carry out some work themselves, we will be pleased to supply a shell and a suitably lengthened chassis.
Should you be interested in purchasing either a complete car or the components to build one of these superb cars, please call RevingtonTR on +44(0)1823 698 437 to discuss your requirements, pricing and delivery time.

In the paddock and lining up to race at leMans Classis

Contact RevingtonTR if you would like to own one of these beautiful cars.  We can produce complete cars, or assist customers to prepare their own car by supplying a body shell, chassis and other parts as required.
contact moc/rtnotgniver//ofni or by phone +44 (0) 1823 698 437