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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms
ARB Anti-roll bar
BA British Association threads
BZP Bright zinc plated
CARB Carburettor
CSA Cross sectional area
CYL Cylinder
DHC Drop head coupe
DIFF Differential
EFI Electronic fuel injection
EMI Electro magnetic interference
ENG Engine
FHC Fixed head coupe
FR Front
G/BOX Gearbox
GPH Gallons per hour
LH Left hand
LHS Left hand steering
NLA No longer available
O/D Overdrive
OE Original equipment
OUF Old unit first
PRE 60K Suitable for TR3A cars prior to commission no. TS60000
POST 60K Suitable for TR3A cars after commission no. T56000O
PR Pair
PSI Pounds per square inch pressure
RFI Radio frequency interference
RH Right hand
RHS Right hand steering
RR Rear
SH Second-hand
SS Stainless steel
STD Standard
TA Trailing Arm
TR3G TR3 with later 6 bolt axle flange and using Girling brakes
TR3L TR3 with early 4 bolt axle and using lockheed brakes
UNC Unified course threads
UNF Unified fine threads