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How to use this site

How to use this site

Using the site

You can find parts in two ways - browsing or searching.


The basic logic to the Revington TR site is this: -
We rely on the original plates (pictures from the original Triumph parts catalogues) for you to find original parts. To access these  plates go to "Choose Car Type" at the top left hand side of the Home page and select your car type from the drop down menu. Then go to "Browse for parts" and from the dropdown menu in "select by Catagory...) the area of interest (exhausts for example) in the selection box at the top right hand side of each page then press 'Browse'. The plates are displayed immediately and can be clicked to open, however there is another tab displayed too entitled Browse Modified, uprated and Alternative Parts. clicking this tab reveals the headings of our own catalogue. Via these headings you can access parts that are not standard, are not clear in the original parts books or are sold differently. Carpets are a good example which were sold individually when the cars were new, but are now sold as sets so there are no suitable part numbers  in the original Triumph catalogue.
Browse through both the RevingtonTR performance and reliability enhancing components catalogue and Triumphs Original Catalogues and you will be sure to find what you want.
The structured approach Revington TR has devised is designed to help you find groups of parts quickly logically. To begin browsing the entire Revington TR Catalogue simply select a catalogue section/parts category, for example "Engine" or "Suspension and Steering" on the right menu and filter by a specific car type, TR2 or TR7 for example. This will take you to your chosen car's "homepage" for the chosen category.

To browse Triumphs Original Parts Catalogue select "Browse by Triumph  Catalogue Plates" then choose the specific plate of interest.
To view Revington TR alternative parts select "Browse our Warehouse" and from the drop-down on the left chose your desired section


Simply insert descriptive key words or part numbers in the search box and press the green "Search" button. The results will include all parts with those words or parts numbers in their descriptions. If you're not successful with a key word the first time, try another description of the part, as it might be described differently on our web site.

The search function allows you to search the whole RevingtonTR parts database, including all original parts numbers as well as descriptions of parts. In addition entering descriptions will find relevant references in other text that you might find useful
If you feel you might find a paper copy of the catalogues useful, click here parts catalogue  to select the original Triumph Catalogue you require and here Revington TR catalogue  where individual sections of our own supplementary catalogue can be downloaded.
Once You have Found a Part 
There may be several "tabs" against each part describing different aspects of the part. There maybe FAQ's, Information sheets or other documents. Please click on the other tabs as well as you will also find more useful information.