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2009 Archive

2009 Archive

January 2009

Neil discusses his current restoration project: the only known surviving TR4 Police Car

Revington TR have had the good fortune over the years to have been involved in the restoration of some very special cars: the Zoom Prototype (Partially completed), TR5 Prototype and 3 of the VC TR4 Rally cars to name but a few. The current project of interest is the only known surviving TR Police Car. The car served with the Southend on Sea police force as a high-speed pursuit car before being sold off into private hands.....

June 2009

The Revingtons go to New Zealand, Motorsport News and Product News

Our recent trip to New Zealand was as a result of being invited to make a presentation at the TR Register New Zealand national weekend, an offer we were delighted to take up. This took place at the end of February in Cromwell on the South Island and was followed by a TR Tour in the Deep South. Sue and I had not been in New Zealand for 30 years and were keen to see how it had changed. The trip turned out to be a delight.

October 2009

Earlier this year Sue and I took a motoring holiday in southern Ireland, where we visited many of the places which we had passed through when rallying there during the 90s. We were joined there by our friends from Denver, Mel and Sue Francis. Our chosen transport being our powder blue TR5 and our powder blue TR4, 6VC. We liked the idea of the two powder blue TR's roaming around together and they certainly turned a few heads. Mel was certainly impressed by the handling of the TR5 using expletives I can't repeat here in his enthusiastic reports every time we stopped! The cars went well running faultlessly throughout and we were even blessed by sunny weather. For a full report and some fabulous photographs taken by Mel, please read on....

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from Revington TR, Neil rounds up the years Motorsport and Alan has some special offers to keep your pocket happy

"For us 2009 has been a year of financial consolidation and stabilisation and we look forward to 2010 with a view to build on this solid basis. It has been a good year of Motorsport with a closely fought Revington TR / TR Register Hillclimb and Sprint Championship and Mark Hoble has had a good season of racing in his Racing TR4 Engined Morgan and ex-Australian Racing TR2" Neil Revington