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2014 Archive

2014 Archive

Open Day 2014

We have a great day planned for our Open Day this year. As usual we will have displays, special offers and several guest suppliers. Why not have a drive out to visit us with a friend, with your group or by yourself. You will have a great day whoever you travel with. See below for more details.

Castle Combe Test Day 2013

With the test day now upon us I would not like to think you have missed the previous promotion of the test day in TRaction, our newsletters or previous flyers. But this definitely is your last reminder! You still have time to make a date in your diary and join us next Tuesday 29th April at the friendly circuit of Castle Combe.

Classic Le Mans 2014

What an impressive result the Triumph TR team had at LeMans Classic this year. The Team consisted of Neil Fender and Guy Broad in Neil's TR2 entered in Plateau 2, John Sykes and Barry Sidery-Smith in Paul Hogan's TR3S entered in Plateau 3 and Myself with Richard Bull (Bully) in Paul Gerring's TRS entered in Plateau 4. The TR2 had rear hub stud issues, the wheel studs were pulling through the hub. Fortunately Neil had a spare half shaft and hub assembly which was expertly fitted by Phil Tucker ensuring they could continue and finish the remaining races. Paul Hogan's TR3S ran well, other than having a fuel issue during one race but nonetheless was able to take the flag at the end of the final race.

Autumn 2014 Flyer

"A quick left followed by a hairpin right. I opend the throttle on the exit and I was off like a bandit". Everyone has a story of an exciting drive similar to this that has been re-told time and time again at club meets and down the pub. At this time of the year I'm sure many TR's in the northern hemisphere are still on the road, seeking out new places to explore, making that long planned journey or getting ready for the final push as the culmination of the racing season approaches. In the southern hemisphere TR owners are looking forward and making plans to enjoy the coming driving season full of expectation of the adventures this year holds. Whatever part of the world you are in, driving your TR usually involves some form of planning, to get the most from your trusty or not so trusty steed.

Christmas 2014

Every year I think it would be nice to spend some time at home during the summer but inevitably the year fills up with activities that just must be done! This year has been no exception. As Alan explains elsewhere SCO110B (the registration number of our TR3Beta competition car) has been out and about for a full season this year allowing Marcus, Natalie and I to share driving in our Hillclimb and Sprint Championship; we didn't fit too many in but did manage to get to Goodwood, Prescott, Wiscombe and Caste Combe....