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2012 Archive

2012 Archive

Triumph Restoration show 2012

RevingtonTR will be attending the Triumph restoration show at Stoneleigh this coming weekend, Sunday 4th March. I will be on our stand, number 72, for the day and Dan will be joining me mid morning.

Open day 2012

This is our first Newsletter of the year and I have a lot I would like to cover but I have just stuck with the main item that is in our minds at the moment, our OPEN DAY. We have lots of other exciting projects to look forward to this year and these will be explained in more detail in the future.

Bumper Summer edition July 2012

The middle of the Year already and in the UK we're still waiting for summer to arrive. But what a great start to the year both weather wise and for RevingtonTR. The good weather early in the year brought out the cars a little sooner than usual. This has kept the workshop extremely busy (book early if you need some time with us) and parts sales have been bouyant but the wet weather has tried to put a bit of a damper on things. We are not going to let that stop RevingtonTR's plans for a busy 2012. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and whatever the weather, have a great summer and we look forward to speaking to you soon

Christmas 2012

Another year draws to a close and it's time to reflect on another busy year and plan for another busy one ahead. I remember the 'old folk' telling me years ago how time flies and as a school boy not quite understanding as the school holidays seemed to go on for ever. Well now that I have joined the 'old folk' I know what they mean, time whistles past and can only remember half of it! 'Had to refer to my diary to get a grip on what we had been up to during the year!