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Laurent's TR5

Laurent's TR5

Laurent from Paris entrusted his beautifully presented TR5 to us when he lost confidence in a previous specialist engine rebuilder.
The car was brought to us initially for an engine rebuild to fast road specification and has since also received a whole host of improvements and upgrades to the suspension, fuel system, exhaust system, interior and electrics.

Sometimes, sadly, the reality of the car infront of you doesnt meet your expectations or the dream you were sold on. Some people muddle along fixing the most important issues first and your dream car moves down the ranks into a rolling restoration.

When you lose faith in whoever is working on your pride and joy you are faced with two choices, sell the dream to someone else or chase the dream until its realised. Thankfully Laurent chose the latter and chose Revington to help him achieve it.



Laurent has a beautiful example of an original LHD TR5 but wanted a little more excitement, safety and comfort to make his pride and joy ultimately more reliable and useable. Having had the car shipped to us from Europe we embarked on a journey together and the end result is a car that goes as well as it looks, is safe and exciting and will provide many years of trouble free smiles. 

With modern technology underpinning classic lines, it really does tick all the customers boxes and we are all very happy with the end results. If you look through the tabs below, you can see exactly what we have done to the car with links to the relevant parts and kits. All of the kits mentioned above could be fitted at home by a competent DIY mechanic and come with full instructions where needed and we are also always on hand to provide technical advice.

Now finished, Laurent's 5 will soon be heading back to the continent where we hope that all the improvements we have made turn this from being a nice car into Laurent's dream TR5. It's been a pleasure.


Engine, Transmission, Heating & Cooling

At the customers request the engine was removed, fully inspected and totally rebuilt to fast road specification. The engine was professinally balanced and blueprinted and includes a free flowing Revington head, Sprint camshaft and aluminium flywheel, throttle linkage and then set... READ MORE

Exhaust Systems

The key to getting the best from the engine is the installation of the Revington exhaust system

Suspension & Steering

As the suspension system had recently been rebuilt with the correct bushings, to compliment it we installed our springs, telescopic rear damper conversion and steering shaft. These work together with a new set of Blockley tyres to give a good fast... READ MORE

Fuel & Braking Systems

We installed our Bosch fuel pump conversion kit, diaphragm PRV along with our teflon lined braided hoses to ensure a reliable fuel supply. During road testing we found that the car was cutting out on left hand bends due to fuel surge.... READ MORE

Interior, Seats & Hood

Once the drivetrain and handling was sorted the customer turned his attention to the interior and spoke to us about improving on the generally uncomfortable standard TR5 seats. After guiding him through the many options we have, he opted for our... READ MORE

Chassis & Bodywork

The bodywork as you can see is gorgeous, so except for a good clean and polish we have left it well alone.

Electrical Systems and Instruments

Whilst we were in the cabin we tidied up the wiring with one of our auxiliary fuse box kits taking the load of any extra accessories off of the original loom along with installing a few nice upgrades like our new... READ MORE