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Neil B's TR6

Neil B's TR6

Recently Neil B from Southampton brought his TR6 to us for restoration. Neil takes up the story: -

THW 909G has been part of my life from my earliest memories, whether clambering inside the wheel arches while Dad was in the pit, acting as "copilot" during the Lakes Tours, or navigating us home avoiding a flooded M40, while map reading by the glove box light and listening to the Goon Show on the AM-only radio. Dad insisted on everything being kept as original as practically possible, and used the car as his everyday transport. He initially bought her in 1972 as a replacement for his TR4, hoping that the 6-cylinder engine and overdrive would make his commute from Sunbury to Faslane less exhausting and more economical.
He kept the car until his untimely death in 2003, when I inherited her and reluctantly sold on my childhood dream TR7. Over the last 17 years I've done my best to stay true to my Dad's vision, which was above all to keep a car rather than a toy! While I'm sure that he wouldn't approve of the non-Lucas fuel pump (I finally gave in and fitted this 3 years ago after failing to get any of the Lucas units I have working reliably), he would be pleased that I still drive her regularly in all weathers, enjoy her thoroughly, and hope that my son will get behind the wheel one day and carry on the tradition!


The first step in any restoration is to strip the car and asses what needs to be done. Whist this was underway, discussions with Neil resulted in the specification for the rebuild where the rules were laid down. As the car... READ MORE