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TR3-6 aluminium front hub. These hubs are much lighter than steel hubs, but just as strong if not stronger and weight just 1.074Kg. Consider wheel bearing strengthening spacer kit RTR3463K

What cars does it fit?
TR2-6 (TR2-3 drum brake cars only where these cars have been converted to disc brakes.) with a 4 stud PCD of 4.5"

What does it do?
Replaces the original TR Steel Hub without modification. It is lighter than original, and just as strong.

These hubs are supplied without bearings and wheel studs, order GHK1021 for a wheel bearing kit for 1 side. If wheel studs are required, order 114281 when wire wheels are fitted. For steel wheels order 114282 for standard 30mm long studs.

What do you get in the kit?
1 x aluminium hub packed in bubble wrap, bagged.

What are the benefits?
Reduces unsprung weight, which allows the suspension to react quicker.
Safer than other aluminium hubs which have not had the same design and development. The current generation are version 5 incorporating many improvements that have been brought to light in service. In the current situation they are cheaper than the steel option.

What problems can it address?
Many cars are running worn out hubs with bearings that have spun in the housing. This gives rise to wheel wobble and shake. New hubs will cure this.

Why buy our kit?
Manufactured by the same shop and to a similar specification to the hubs which ran on the last Marcos entry at LeMans. They didn't fail!
The design is not just a copy of the original steel part, the design has been altered to maximise the material strength between the outer surface and the grease cavity. In addition the hub flange has been increased in thickness and all corners have been replaced with radii where practical.
The material specification is a high strength aircraft grade, which is essential if failures are to be avoided.
J N Revington has used these front hubs on his rally cars for nearly 10 years. The cars have been raced and rallied extensively, probably covering over 100,000 miles and so far the hubs have not been changed.
Our experience has shown that an aluminium hub, which is a direct copy of the original, will be prone to failure.

What issues are there with the product?
It is important to ensure that the wheel design does not have a large counter bore on the back face as this could result in the studs pulling through the aluminium flange in heavy duty applications.
Our experience is primarily with Compomotive and American Racing Inc. wheels, which have counter bores no larger than 17mm. Original steel wheels have no counter bore and therefore should never be a problem.

Please order studs as required: -
114282 for disc wheels
114281 for wire wheels

Second hand steel hubs, 114284SH and powder coated black second hand steel hubs, 114284SHPC are also available, see below

Suspension and steering

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