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TR2-8 LHD Lucas Headlamp set consisting of 2 lamps and 2 H4 halogen bulbs. these lamps have no pilot lamp.

The headlamps on TR2's have often been described as glow-worms. TR6 standard lamps are not much better. These H4 Halogen conversions should improve matters greatly.
There is much confusion between the TR250, TR5 and TR6 parts books as to the correct part numbers for headlamps. In most TR6 parts books for instance 514578 sealed beam unit is listed for both Home Market (i.e. Right Hand Drive) and USA, which is of course Left hand Drive.

To clear the fog we have listed below suitable fitments.
Right Hand Drive
GLU101 Sealed beam unit
512241RH P45T Asymmetric with separate bulb (not supplied)
GAC4022A Pair of lamps. Comes with two H4 Halogen bulbs

Left Hand Drive
514578 Sealed beam unit
512241 P45T Asymmetric with separate bulb (not supplied)
LULUB803 Pair of lamps. Comes with two H4 Halogen bulbs
LULUB802 Pair of lamps. Comes with two H4 Halogen bulbs and a facility for a pilot lamp
GLB410 P45T Asymmetric. Clear 45/40W
GLB411 P45T Asymmetric. Cadmium Yellow 45/40W
GLB2983 P45T Asymmetric. Clear Quartz Halogen 60/55W

GLB472 H4 Halogen Clear 60/55W
GLB476 H4 Halogen Cadmium Yellow 60/55W
RTR8464 H4 Halogen Clear PIAA 60/55W but with 130/120W equivalent output
RTR8463 H4 Halogen Clear PIAA 80/80W but with 150/150W equivalent output

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