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RTR Upgrade
Part No:
Price Ex VAT @ 20%
Deposit *
* Deposit Required: A deposit is required for this part. This will be refunded in full or in part on receipt of exchange item, depending on the condition of the part received. Vat at the prevailing rate will be added to the deposit if applicable.
Rebuilt non-overdrive gearbox

This part number covers all TR2-6 Gearboxes on an exchange basis like for like as well as rebuilding customers units and the rebuilding of our core units when we supply outright. Special terms apply.

As Revington TR are keen to provide cost effective reliability, all gearboxes are built with later specification steel 2nd and 3rd gear bushes and 4 synchromesh gearboxes receive an uprated laygear with a double front bearing. These gearboxes are ideal for competition and provide an extra measure of reliability for road use.


The criteria Revington TR use when we supply outright or exchange gearboxes and overdrives, or work on customers units is explained in Information Sheet IS0054 please read this as it fully explains what we do and what our warranty terms are. We ask you please to read and accept our special Terms and Conditions for gearbox and overdrive work. These and the information sheet can be seen by opening the 'Product Data Sheets' tag.

In brief: - We have a strict warranty policy when we supply exchange gearboxes and overdrives or work on customers units because we are dealing with internal parts that are 50+ years old coupled with reproduction parts such as the synchromesh rings and bearings. We do not crack detect any of the parts reused but only visually inspect them. We do of course endeavour to build gearboxes and overdrives to the highest standards within the constraints of the parts and materials available to us.
The main points or our limited warranty are: -
We cannot guarantee the teeth on the gears
Our guarantee covers new parts and workmanship and lasts strictly for 10000 Km (6000 miles) or one year from invoice date.
When the units are exchange we will charge a deposit until we receive a suitable gearbox and overdrive back that is in a reconditionable condition, meaning we do not have to replace major components such as gears, shafts etc. It is assumed the top cover and the change mechanism of the gearbox is in good working order as are the overdrive switches and the overdrive solenoid. If any of these parts need changing, their cost will be deducted from the deposit.
In the case of us working on customers own units, any work required in addition to that estimated at the outset will be agreed with the customer before additional work is commenced. An outright purchase occurs when the customer returns nothing and we keep the deposit which is the value of a core unit.


Engine, Transmission and Heating/Cooling

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