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RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%
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AVAILABLE This part is available to order

* Deposit Required: A deposit is required for this part. This will be refunded in full or in part on receipt of exchange item, depending on the condition of the part received. Vat at the prevailing rate will be added to the deposit if applicable.

Revington TR will hire you under this part number an RTR4007 gauge and hose so you can set up your PI system. 100 deposit applies in addition to the hire charge. Deposit refunded upon return of the gauge in good condition.

To fit the gauge set remove the main feed hose from the metering unit. Screw the T piece directly onto the metering unit and reconnect the feed hose to the other end of the T piece.

Care Point - Ensure all fittings are tight before pressurising the fuel line.

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