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Classic Batteries

Revington TR, under the trading name CLASSIC BATTERIES supply a full range of batteries not only for the TR range but for all cars.

The batteries under CLASSIC BATTERIES are black rubber batteries have been selected to cover the TR range. Open bar means that each cell is joined on top of the battery by lead straps. Monolid means that all the joints are internal, only the fillers are visible externally.

The batteries supplied by carrier dry charged for filling on receipt.

Modern Replacement Batteries

These are modern replacement batteries, which are supplied by carrier, filled, charged and ready to go. Next day delivery anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland up to and including the central belt of Scotland. A £10 surcharge applies north of the central belt of Scotland. BATTERY MAINTAINANCE
The following notes may be useful in prolonging the life of your battery in storage.

Provide the battery with a trickle charge so the car is always ready for use. RTR recommend ‘battery tender’
RTR9051 This simple and cheap device plugs permanently into your battery whilst the car is not in use, monitoring battery voltage and maintaining a full charge. The device plugs into a special wiring loom which can be permanently wired into the car so that connection and disconnection only takes seconds. Alternatively the device can be connected via clips to the battery terminals. The Battery Tender is easy to use with an LED status display. First the Battery Tender verifies the battery status prior to charging and then provides a bulk charge to 12.4 volts. Finally the Battery Tender provides a full charge indefinitely. The unit is 100% waterproof and will easily pay for itself by increasing the life of your battery by 3-5 years!

A. If Dry No storage procedure. To commission fill with acid leave 20 minutes then the battery is available for use.
B. If Wet Mark the delivery date and note this on the battery.
Recharge date will be 6 months hence. Note voltage on delivery date this should be 12.6 or above. If not, charge before storage as follows. At recharge date measure voltage. If below 12.4 recharge back to 12.6 or above ensuring recharge current is 10% or less of amp/hour capacity of battery.

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