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Adrian's TR6

Adrian's TR6

Adrian has been a proud owner of his TR6 for over 15 years.

Engine, Transmission and Heating/Cooling

For me, part of the fun of owning a TR6 is tweaking the performance. The standard TR6 PI was fast car at launch, and in good condition isn't slow today. But a few basic modifications make the performance really sparkle, and... READ MORE

Exhaust systems

Although I don't race, I've fitted the race winning Revington 6>1 Extractor manifold and single pipe system, RTR2042. Now, I've never had the car on a rolling road, so I can't give before and after stats about how good this system... READ MORE

Suspension and steering

The original TR6 suspension is pretty crude, and despite what anyone says I think it has some pretty strange handling characteristics even when bushes, dampers and springs are in good shape. Anyway, much as I'd loved my first TR6 I didn't... READ MORE

Fuel and braking systems

The famous Revington TR Bosch fuel pump kit, of course. RTR4050K in my case. I've literally never experienced any kind of issue with this pump, whether slowly creeping along in city traffic on hot days, or belting up through the Lake... READ MORE

Interior, seats, hood

All standard.

Chassis and bodywork

Standard except for Revington's "Underwing Shield" kit RTR7182-6K, basically GRP wheelarch liners than keep all the crud out of the insides of your wings where it engenders rust. So easy to fit I keep forgetting they're there. (Checking the part number... READ MORE

Electrical systems, instruments etc

I hate having the dip-switch down on the floor. I can never find it in a hurry and quite often need it in mid-gear change when my left foot is otherwise occupied. Revington TR's Stalk kit, RTR8328-2K, neatly addresses this, and... READ MORE