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Pierre's TR5

Pierre's TR5

Pierre tells us his experiences with our kits but by way of an introduction here he tells us a little 'life' background 

From the age of 7, until now my life has been a technical career, with mechanics as the common thread, from simple mopeds to aviation, including the preparation of some racing cars. I can be seen in this photo still shot taken from a short film, just to the right behind the winner Jim CLARK at the 1965 PAU GP. You can view the film  HERE

It was bound to be a good start to me getting a TR5, 8 years later. I acquired my TR5 in 1973, a few years after my arrival on Reunion Island, and I am still there and this TR5, that I pretend to know well, also is still with me. I started a full body off overhaul, a year and a half ago to bring it up to the standard it should have been if the "value engineers" of Triumph hadn't got involved. Fortunately, there are some good parts suppliers, like Revington TR able to help with the restoration.


Transmission:Annular release

Pierre has fitted our annular release bearing kit and tells us his experiences so far: - It is well known that the clutch control of the TR5 / 6 has become an Achilles heal. Indeed, it has remained broadly the same since the... READ MORE


I am completely in tune with Neil on the principle of its rear suspension, as it is also obvious. The dampers centered in the spring, RTR3003SPK with the sway bar at the top, RTR3006K. In fact we can wonder why Triumph... READ MORE