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The TR2 emerged as a result of a complete redesign of the 20TS prototype that appeared at the London Motor Show in 1952. The car had a new chassis frame and a more powerful engine. The rear of the car was lengthened to improve style and boot capacity. The first hand made production cars were completed at Banner Lane works, being commission numbers TS1 and TS2. All future cars were completed at Canley.

TS299L left factory on 31-12-1953, so we may assume that more or less 300 TR2's were produced and left the factory in 1953 with the remainder being assembled in 1954 and 1955. Neil Revingtons first TR was a TR2 registered TKR49. Neil still has this car and considers it part of the family. There is no doubt that whilst the TR2 was a good car in its day, it had shortcomings. This is evident by the number of changes that were made over the TR2-3B lifespan. Originally the TR2 had no air flap, a four-slot aluminium bonnet, aluminium boot lid and spare wheel lid, long doors that fouled the pavement and an engine with no cam bearings. All these items were changed during the cars metamorphosis into the TR3.

Many TR2's, Neil's included, changed dramatically during late '60's and early 70's ownerships, when many of the shortcomings were modified. It is not unusual to find a TR2 with a TR4 engine and gearbox, TR3A axle and TR6 disc brakes.

Detailed  changes are available via the link below

  Technical Specification Change Points

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