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The Michelotti designed TR4 was a radical change for Triumph and the first Leyland TR. Not only were they impressed with the designs from Michelotti's studio, but also by the fact that the demands of mass-production had been considered. The shells were produced at Speke Liverpool.

Early TR4's had a modified TR3A chassis with rack and pinion steering, wider 'Girling' type axle, and a 2138cc engine as standard.

Later the chassis was modified to remove the need for adaptors, the boot lid stay was improved and the braking system changed to Girling's latest callipers.

The TR4 continued the tradition of Triumph leading the way with innovations. These included the removable hard top lid, the "Surrey" top and face level vents.

Neil and Sue Revington ran a TR4 alongside their TR2 for many years enjoying the benefits of the TR2 on aero screens and the comfort of the TR4 as needed. These were our only cars!

Detailed  changes are available via the link below

  Technical Specification Change Points

Neil Revington