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Technical Specification Change Points

Technical Specification Change Points

Below we have listed the build dates and major production change points. This should help you to correctly identify the parts you require for your car. Please bear in mind though that unless you have owned the car from new, and know different; the car is unlikely to be exactly as it left the factory.

July 1953
The first two TR2’s (Commission numbers TS1 LHD and TS2 RHD) completed on 22nd July. They were both white with Geranium leather interior. Both have been restored and were reunited at the TR Register international show at Malvern England 2004.

December 1953
TS213 onwards. Stronger handbrake fitted

February 1954
TS550 (aprox.). Aluminium bonnet, boot lid and spare wheel door replaced with steel

March 1954
TS995 onwards. Windscreen wiper spindle centres increased from 266.7mm (10.5”) to 368.3mm (14.5”). TS881E Cross drilled crankshaft introduced

April 1954
TS1201 onwards. Thermostat housing changed, position of radiator top outlet changed. TS1301 onwards. New rear light units fitted with integral reflectors. Separate reflectors deleted. TS1370 onwards. Extra steering column brace fitted.

May 1954
TS1869 onwards. Stronger road wheels fitted. 4-1/2J instead of 4J

June 1954
TS1927 onwards. Stronger wheel nuts fitted. TS1950 (aprox.). 610mm (24”) silencer replaced the very noisy 457mm (18”) silencer.

August 1954
TS3268 onwards. Battery box drain tube fitted.

September 1954
TS3512 onwards. Radiator lower tank protector introduced. TS3514 onwards. Large Tenax hood fasteners replaced small Tenax fasteners.

October 1954
TS4002 onwards. Short doors introduced, with a sill panel. TS4229 onwards. Internal bonnet pull mechanism deleted, Dzus fasteners introduced.

November 1954
TS4307 onwards. Central window in the roof enlarged. Two quarter windows introduced.

February 1955
TS5114 onwards. Rear hub seals revised. (They still leaked though!) TS5260 onwards. Hard top provision incorporated irrespective of whether a hard top was supplied or not. TS5348 onwards. Strengthened front hubs introduced.

March 1955
TS5481 onwards. 9” diameter rear brakes replaced with 10” diameter rear brakes.

April 1955
TS6157 onwards. Scuttle vent flap introduced, 4-slot bonnet replaced with 2-slot to prevent engine fumes entering the cockpit via the vent when open.

May 1955
TS6157 onwards. Overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears phased in. ‘Egg’ shaped overdrive switch replaced ‘pullout’ type.

September 1955
TS8636 Production ends

October 1955
TS8637 TR3 introduced.