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Technical Specification Change Points

Technical Specification Change Points

Below we have listed the build dates and major production change points. This should help you to correctly identify the parts you require for your car. Please bear in mind though that unless you have owned the car from new, and know different; the car is unlikely to be exactly as it left the factory.

Production dates.

1955 (October) From TS8637 to TS9665
1956 From TS9666 to TS14998
1957 from TS14999 to TS22013(September)


1957 (September) From TS22014 to TS25632
1958 From TS22653 to TS41629
1959 From TS41630 to TS65123
1960 From TS65124 to TS82029
1961 From TS82030 to TS83572 (October)


1961 (March) From TSF1 to TSF530 (September)
1962 From TCF1 to TCF2804 (October)

Major Change points.

October 1955
TS8637 TR3 introduced. Egg box grill fitted
TS12568 Windscreen wiper motor moved from left hand side to right hand side of the bulkhead.
TS13046 Girling braking system and clutch slave cylinder introduced. With the introduction of Girling hydraulic systems the TR3 becomes the first mass produced car to be fitted with disc brakes.
TR3 production ceases with TS22013 September 1957.

September 1957
TS22014 TR3A introduced. Wide grill, exterior door handles, new front bumper and overriders.

TS28826 Dzus fattener type windscreen fastener.

The split starring column was introduced sometime between TS26000 and TR34000 but as the parts books are not specific there is no clear change date.


 TS41743   Dzus type sidesceens with fixed curtain 

TS41878 Front badge colour changed from red to blue.
TS50001 Flywheel and starter motor changed.
TS60001 Major body redesign including raised hinges, round bottom doors, flat rear floor and one-piece boot floor. Dzus fasteners replaced with screws holding the windscreen stanchions on. Lucar connectors introduced.
TR3A production ceases with TS83572 October 1961.

May 1962
TSF1 TR3B introduced with 1991cc engine, 4 synchromesh gearbox and left hand drive only bulkhead.
TR3B production ceases with TCF2804 October 1962.