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Technical Specification Change Points

Technical Specification Change Points

Below we have listed the build dates and major production change points. This should help you to correctly identify the parts you require for your car. Please bear in mind though that unless you have owned the car from new, and know different; the car is unlikely to be exactly as it left the factory.

Production dates.

1961 (August)From CT1 to CT2470 (approximately)
1962From CT2471 (approximately) to CT18403 (approximately)
1963from CT18404 (approximately) to CT28485 (approximately)
1964From CT28486 (approximately) to CT40000 (approximately)
1965From CT40001 (approximately) to CT40304 (approximately)

Major Change points.

August 1961
CT1 TR4 introduced with new Michelotti styled bodywork
5643CT (Body number) Trunk lid stay deleted and sliding unit introduced.
CT5898 Chassis frame extension bracket part number 123942 deleted and 2inch longer 'A' and 'B' post body mountings added instead.
CT6429 Revised bonnet fitted with longer power bulge.
CT6344 (wire wheels) CT6390 (Disc wheels) revised front suspension trunnions and top wishbones introduced to provide 3 degrees of caster but retaining the vertically mounted rack.
CT9953 Radiator extension neck deleted.
CT11308 Flat glass instruments replace domed glass instruments.
CT16463 (wire wheels) CT16350 (Disc wheels) revised rack mounting to horizontal.
CT16801 Stromberg carburettors introduced as a preference over SU. SU remain an option.
CT20063 (LHD) and CT20265 (RHD) Chassis changed to accommodate the change from vertically mounted steering rack to horizontal mounting.
CT23383 Deep dish rear springs with aluminium spacers introduced.
CT40304 TR4 production ceases October 1965.