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Technical Specification Change Points

Technical Specification Change Points

Below we have listed the build dates and major production change points. This should help you to correctly identify the parts you require for your car. Please bear in mind though that unless you have owned the car from new, and know different; the car is unlikely to be exactly as it left the factory.

Production dates.

1965 (January)From CTC50001 to CTC63736 (approximately)
1966From CTC63737 (approximately) to CTC75000 (approximately)
1967from CTC75001 (approximately) to CTC78684 (approximately)

Major Change points.

January 1965
CTC50001 TR4A IRS introduced with independent rear suspension.
CT50001 TR4A introduced with solid rear axle.
CTC61291 Stromberg 175CD carburettors replaced with HS6 SUís.
CT70000 (approximately) Twin exhaust system deleted and cross-box introduced.
CT787684 TR4A production ceases 10th July 1967.