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TR250/5 Technical Specification Change Points

TR250/5 Technical Specification Change Points

The TR250 was launched in June 1967 and the TR5 in August that year after the prototype WASP had competed its trials. The wasp project was commenced in February 1965 using a TR4A fresh off the production line and given the commission number X747, initially being registered to Lucas for PI development, they kept it until 1972. The chassis had been altered to take the new 6 cylinder TR engine which itself was a development of the 6 cylinder vanguard 2 litre engine, the extra capacity coming from a lengthening of the stroke.
The TR250/5 although externally identical to the TR4A and the TR4 before it, had many internal changes that were carried over to the TR6. These changes included: -
bulkhead, doors and winder mechanisms, outer door handles shared with MGB,  front valence rear floor to name but a few. The chassis was revised to take the 6 cylinder engine with the steering in a different position. The differential casing mountings were changed too.

without doubt in latter years the TR5 had become the most prized of all TR's , having the classic curved lines of Giovanni Michelotti's TR4 design, coupled with the ride comfort of independent rear suspension and serious performance from the Petrol injected 6 cylinder engine. What a shame out American cousins had to suffer a horribly detuned version in the guise of the TR250 to meet Federal regulations.
The number of changes were absolutely vast and would cover many pages. Whereas we have attempted to list changes for the TR2-4A, this would be a life's work to do the same for TR6 and to a lesser extent TR5/250. Please refer to the parts books where some changes are listed.