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Technical Specification Change Points

Technical Specification Change Points

The TR6 was introduced in January 1969 in both the UK and America, using basically the same chassis and drive train components as those used in the TR5/TR250. However, the bodywork, whilst retaining the central section of the TR5/TR250 design (notably the doors, windscreen frame, floor pans, sills and bulkhead), was externally restyled from the front wheel arches forward and the rear wheel arches rearwards by Karmann of Germany (Michelotti being busy at the time). The TR6 came to the end of its production in July 1976 (February, 1975 for UK models) North American types had twin Stromberg carburettors; the rest of the world got Lucas fuel injection. There were several updates. CP Commission Number cars had 150bhp with petrol injection, whilst CR models also with petrol injection had 124bhp measured to different standards, and not as big a de-tune as it looked. 91850 cars built 1968 to 1976.
 The number of changes were absolutely vast and would cover many pages. Whereas we have attempted to list changes for the TR2-4A, this would be a life's work to do the same for TR6 and to a lesser extent TR5/250. Please refer to the parts books where some changes are listed.