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Pierres life with his TR : The Story

Pierres life with his TR : The Story

A story by Pierre : a life with mechanical engineering which lead to long term ownership of a TR5.

Pierre and I have a few things in common; Engineering, a love of cars and aeroplanes and especially a passion for TR's, in particular TR5's. This story, written in 2018, which makes a great read over a few coffee breaks, is one of travel, from France to the Island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, and of the ultimate marriage of Pierre to a TR5.  This story provides a great backdrop to the notes on the current restoration the TR5 is undergoing, which Pierre is providing for his contribution to 'Readers Drives' on the RevingtonTR website. 

Thanks are due to Pierre for allowing us to publish and to our friend James Christie who, whilst bored during the lockdowns of 2020, took it upon himself to translate the manuscript.

Neil Revington

  Click to download (9922kb Info Sheet)