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ZOOM Prototype

ZOOM Prototype

The Zoom prototype was a design study, fully intended for production but as with many prototype project that never happened.

The car was designed by Giovanni Michelotti and hand built in Turin during 1959 by Vignale. There were two cars made, one soft top and one hard top with a removable centre panel. This design did go into production with the TR4


The hard top car is currently under restoration at RevingtonTR, progress will be published from time to time.  This car was used as the buck to take the fibreglass moulds for the TRS that raced at leMans. RevingtonTR with the help of the genuine Zoom prototype and full size drawing from Michelotti are able to recreate this beautiful body shape in aluminium.



These aluminium bodies can be supplied by RevingtonTR in TRS form with a windscreen only or as a Zoom hard top model with a removable centre panel as became popular with productions TR4's.  Read more about the TRS here